Dear blog,

I’ve just realized that you and me have never had a talk before, this is our first. Sadly, this wouldn’t go well.

Everything has its time, sooner or later, it will come to an end. Unfortunately, It’s the time for you.

Blogger might not be the perfect platform for people like me and blogs like you, but it’s stable and you only get hiccups from me. Sorry about those.

I’d spent a lot of time to design you and to write on your, 102 commits in private repository for the template and 260 commits for posts. I can’t say you look pretty in other’s eyes, but surely you are in mine.

You were born on 2010-04-16, 5 years and 316 days ago. This is post number 1,794 and the very last number.

So long, it’s been nice with you.